Trump Stay to Rival against AT& T-TIME Warner Deal


Donald Trump stay to rival againt AT& T’s planned $85.4 billion redemption of Time Warner.,because he thinks that this deal would develop too much influence in the media and communications.

Share of Time Warner drop down by 1.6% at the same time AT&T share was down 0.2%

Donald hasn’t put into words publicly about the merger after all since  he fume against it on the campaign trail.

 Steve Bannon  trump’s  chief strategist, , is also against to the deal.

Trump’s negative view of the deal comes “partly from his frustration with CNN, which is owned by Time Warner, one of the people said,” according to Bloomberg.

“Trump told a friend in the last few weeks that he still considers the merger to be a bad deal,” Bloomberg reports. Steve Bannon, a close Trump adviser, also opposes the deal, according to the report.

 according to the Financial Times. Last month,Trump’s transition team has ensured AT&T that ,conflicting to Trump’s campaign rant the expected merger of   AT&T and Time Warner will be conduct without injustice.

“After talking with the president-elect’s team, AT&T executives are confident that their deal has a good chance of passing regulatory scrutiny, people informed about the conversation said,” the FT wrote.



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