Top 5 Laptops 2017 | Best Ultrabooks of 2017

Top 5 Laptops 2017 | Best Ultrabooks of 2017


Top 5 Laptops 2017 | Best Ultrabooks of 2017

The very best ultrabooks you can buy right now.If you are planning to buy a Ultrabook we will suggest you to first go through this blog cause it will help you to find the best one .Top 5 Laptops 2017 | Best Ultrabooks of 2017

Acer Swift 7

Top 5 Laptops 2017 | Best Ultrabooks of 2017

At the number 5 we’ve Acer Swift 7 which is really thin and light laptop that only comes with couples of trade offs.This supports a qualified processor from intel 7th generation wise this days lineup so it’s definetly not  the most powerful laptop but it featurea beautiful design and it has the really excellent feel.

As far as the graphic go it’s got the intel HD graphic 16 and it comes with a 8 gigabytes of RAM which isn’t really  for the entry level.The only other downside for this laptop is the battery life it only get about 5 to 6 hours of battery on average, but again when you compare how small this laptop over the years it’s definitely understandable the Acer wasn’t able to get a bigger battery inside.4..HP Specter

4.HP Spectre

Top 5 Laptops 2017 | Best Ultrabooks of 2017

HP Spectre which actually is more powerful then the latest Macbook and it retails for a lower price.Hp Spectre is the thinest laptop come and with a optional Intel Core i7 configuration to the Trio of USB ports.It’s really pretty and capable and not to mention future proof even if you only get it with the 1080p screen it render deeper black and brighter colors the most and if there ever such thing as a macbook killer it would definitely be called the HP Spectre.

3. Razer Blade Stealth

But when it comes to thin light and powerful laptops how can we forget the Razor blade style now when you think of Razor you probably will immediately think of gaming and while case can be made for the razor blade stealth is a gaming notebook the lack of a discrete GPUs chest otherwise but when you pair this laptop with a razor core external graphics card so the plain style goes from powerful to unparalleled on the upside even without it this laptop is capable of much more than meets the eye this has got in self-awareness table eight CPU architecture so it’s not only more powerful than its predecessor but it’s also more resilient.

The battery lasts an overall  5 hours and 44 minutes and it’s a good thing too because the PowerBook required to charge the razor blade itself is pretty big Kevin Lester the razor blade stealth really colorful display and greatly improved battery life definitely make it worth its price because you could do a lot worse for around $1,000.

 2.DELL XPS 13 2_in_1
The second place Ultrabook on this list which in my opinion is the Dell XPS 13 2 in 1.look the Dell XPS 13 was already a really incredible laptop and taking the laptop adding a 360 degree hinge making it thinner and lighter while keeping the entry price just under the $1,000 mark it’s really a pretty impressive fee. one of the most impressive things about the original Dell XPS 13 was the fact the display stretched from one end of the lid to the other but now as other laptop makers are beginning to catch up to Dell in terms of performance.

The Dell XPS 13 is upping the ante yet again by making it a true hybrid device this is probably more like

 a full-time laptop in a part-time tablet but all the same but it’s really cool that you do have the option to turn this into like a really big touchscreen PC despite a few trade offs and ports and processing power this Swimmer a hybrid version of the XPS 13 it’s really an excellent choice for you to consider in 2017.
1.Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface look the original surface book said the bar is one of the world’s to as powerful and finish Windows 10 Pc’s as well as just being a really excellent laptop and that’s all thanks to its ability to swap between being a really terrific notebook and a tablet the updated model of the surface bookescapes me even further though with an updated battery life and incredible Pixel Sense display and then also an improved fat line with all the power of an intel skylake processor and industryin the via GPU this machine out results every other ultrabook today.


The only user might slightly annoying is heavier and bigger than other most 13 inch laptop thanks to it’s 3:2 aspect ratio and 13.5 inch screen but again these can be more positive side when you consider it’s really good for web browsing and it allows for a really seamless tablet separation



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