Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger

New messaging app turns your voice into Emoji


Google’s New App turns your voice into Emoji

Google want us to experience something new with a brand new app Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger that will convert your emotions into EMOJI 🙂 to be very certain people out there would be very curious to know more about this app as we are.

This new app, Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger is now available for download from the Play Store.

Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger








This is something poles apart from all other messaging apps.For Example when I said “Do you like coffee?”, it changes “like” into the thumbs up emoji and “coffee” into the coffee emoji. The Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger app supports both one-on-one messaging and group chats.

After Google brought out uptime an IOS, Android app from the company’s Area 120 startup incubator. Although it’s improbable that Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger will turn into your day by day, go-to messaging application. In addition to the fact that it is intriguing to see which words get swapped out for emoji when you’re talking a message, however, the application can likewise be helpful for less adroit emoji clients to take in more about the emoji that are accessible.



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