12 Upcoming DC's Movies

12 Upcoming DC’s Movies | List of DCEU Next Movies


12 Upcoming DC’s Movies

List of DC Extended Universe Next Movies you must see, 12 Upcoming DC’s Movies that are going to blow your mind.12 Upcoming DC’s Movies


12 Upcoming DC's Movies
Wonder women

It’s been a long road but, director Patty Jenkin’s Wonder Women movie is  set to finish a journey that many fans never thought would arrive in theaters in June 2017.Dc’s biggest female hero is long overdue for her solo shot at big big screen.Thankfully, the early trailers from the film look fantastic, and Gal Gadot’s take on Diana was one of the best things about Batman vs superman:Dawn of Justice.



12 Upcoming DC's Movies

Casting Games of Thrones alum Jason momoa in the title role didn’t hurt much, either.The film will feature the classic comic character Black Manta as the central Villain, and introduced at a large to the wider world of Atlantis and the undersea kingdoms culture.

3.Justice League.

12 Upcoming DC's Movies
Justice League

Zack Snyder’s Justice League, set to hit the theaters in November, 2017, picks up of the wake of Batman vs superman and is reportedly having it’s tone heavily retooled on the fly after  all the negative buzz  of BM VS SM’s  overly grim tone.It’ll apparently follow Batman and Wonder Women as they look to assemble a team of heroes to pick up the slack following superman apparent ‘death’ at the end of the film.

Considering it’s not the justice league without Superman, we’d think it’ll also feature that guy’s resurrection, too.Release 2017



12 Upcoming DC's Movies

Warner Bros.Has been prepping a Shazam! movie for awhile now, and all we really know is that Dwanye “The Rock” Johnson is attached  to play the villain, The Black Adam.Outside of that, There hasn’t been a lot of  momentum.We don’t do a lot about the story, and the filmmaker have been coy about just how much it’ll or won’t connect to the DCEU at large.Projected release date April, 2019.

2019 release

5.Green Lantern Corps


12 Upcoming DC's Movies

No casting has been announced for this film about Super powered cops, but the studio is actively working this one behind the scenes, with a script from David Goyer and Justin Rhodes on the way.With the release date of July 2020.No word on the plot, but it’s been described as “Lethal Weapon in space.

We also know it’ll focus on two different characters:the popular Green Lantern  Hal Jordan, who was previously played by Ryan Reynolds and John Stewart.Bringing Stewart is a right move.He’s a fan favorite and getting him in the mix well help this film stand apart the previous, critically panned Green Lantern flick.

5.The Flash


12 Upcoming DC's Movies
The Flash

Pretty much the only thing we know about the DC’s Flash feature film set fore 2018 is that it’ll star Ezra Miller as Big screen Barry Allen.Aside from that, everything is in flux.Director Rick Famuyiwa was originally attached, but he left the project in the late 2016 due to creative difference.



12 Upcoming DC's Movies

By The time Cyborg shows up in his solo movie, fans should be pretty familiar.Ray fisher version of the character will have co-starring in roles in Justice League and The Flash and as much as WB.Loves cameos, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him pop up elsewhere too.

We already got a fleeting glimpse of Cyborg thanks to Lex Luthor you tube videos in Batman vs Superman.But we’ll presumably  learn more about him over the next few films.

7.The Batman


12 Upcoming DC's Movies
The Batman

Batman is  easily the cash cow of the DC Universe, and WB.Seems keen to get a stand-stolen movie made staring  Ben Affleck  as the version of The Dark Knight.Affleck has been developing the project for awhile, but recently announced he wouldn’t be Directing.Instead he’ll be focusing on his work in front of the camera and Matt Reeves will be directing.It seems the studio might  be trying to get the project made sooner than later.

8.Gotham City Sirens


12 Upcoming DC's Movies
Gotham City Siren

David Ayer’s follow up to Suicide Squad looks to be Harley Quinn cintric spin-off. as opposed to a straight-up sequel.

Ayer is set to re team with Margot Robbie for the film, which will focus on Harley Quinn and several other female heroes and villains across the DC comics canon.No word on will character will show up, though  ladies like Cat-Women and Poison Ivy seem likely.Between this and the Wonder Women Movie, DC has an excellent opportunity take the edge over the Marvel Studio in Female-led superheroes fare, which could be a huge move for a studio playing catch-up.



12 Upcoming DC's Movies
Man of Steel-2

All  logic points seems to Super man featuring in the Justice League film in some, but despite Men of steel formally kicking off this shared cinematic universe, the studio doesn’t seem to be in a major hurry to give him another  solo adventure.The cast is confirmed the script is in  the work , but with so many other movies on the docket, you have to think it could be the years until they actually get around to making this one.

There’s also the question of Dc wants to treat the character in the long term and, whether or not they’ve learned anything from the Hulk at Marvel.



12 Upcoming DC's Movies
suicide squad 2

A Proper Suicide Squad Sequel is in the development, but there’s been no word when will it actually hit hit the big screen.Despite anemic review, the first film still made a whole lot of money- and introduced character like Dead shot, Harley Quinn both of them will almost certainly pop back up in the DCEU down the line.

Suicide Squad is a semi proven commodity within the universe, which is significant.But with W’Bros.High on the getting Gothem City Sirens off the ground, this one could stay on the back burner a while.



12 Upcoming DC's Movies

Warner Bros, Originally  penciled this one for 2019, but it’s since been bumped to an unspecified date to clear out some space  for the Batman.This one might not be locked in anywhere at this moment, but all of the project at the far end of DC’s master plan, it stand to reason another Justice League is one of the most bankable.

12.Dark Universe.


12 Upcoming DC's Movies
Dark Universe

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