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Ed Sheeran tell about Games Of Thrones Cameo


Ed Sheeran Talks About His Cameo …

We’ve got more info on ED Sheeran’s upcoming Games Of Thrones Cameo plus find out the bizarre advice he has for gingers.

So ed sheeran might be the busiest guy on the planet.ED sheeran is one busy guy these days touring the world filming  role for Games of Thrones Cameo and trying to save the gingers in a new interview with the daily star ED gave little bit of a hint as to what fans can expect from his upcoming cameo from his upcoming cameo on the Games Of Thrones.

 Ed Sheeran Game Of Thrones Cameo

He told the paper quote I don’t know which role I’m going to play I don’t die in it.I don’t die so we have

no idea what character he is going to be playing but it is to hear that he isn’t going to die considering this

Games of Thrones and pretty much everyone dies and also noted that this cameo was going to be short

and very sweet.It will  only have 5 minutes of screen time and just like us he’s happy that he is not going

to die in his short time on the show saying I’d probably prefer to have sex than die on the show and as

said earlier this is games of thrones  which means he’s also has probably about  a 90% chance of that

happening so we’re going to cross our fingers and as far as savings the ginger race when a ginger-haired


reporter recently suggested that she and Ed procreate to ensure that redheads don’t go extinct he joked

back that all the gingers of the world should have one massive let’s just call it

sexy slumber party to save their kind do you know what I’m saying and also jokes but maybe
the reason redheads are slowly becoming more and more of a minority is because
people don’t want to sleep with gingers but we’re going to go ahead and assume that he’s not saying that
bass office personal experience because it isn’t cheering and I feel like he could probably get with any girl
he wants to plus I am a gender I can’t speak to that theory actually that it is a little harder to get action
when your gender TMI sure whatever alright guys now I’m curious to hear what you guys think of
EDS Game of Thrones role and do you agree that the gingers of the world  should unite to
prevent the extension of redheads.


Published on Apr 7, 2017

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