Casio’s latest smartwatch, with Android Wear 2.0.


Casio’s latest smartwatch, with Android Wear 2.0

casio has added an barometer, altimeter and GPS

Casio has made the biggest Android Wear smartwatch on the market.Apparently huge on the wrist, but it still looks outstanding.The great thing about this watch is that it supports Android Wear 2.0.

If we talk about the last year WSD-F10 rugged smartwatch was not that great if compare to WES-F20.

For 2017, Casio has updated the smartwatch by adding few key.

What in that extra space and size?

Casio has added a barometer, altimeter and GPS which was not present in WSD-F10.The display is perfect.The LCD of 1.32-inch looks pretty well. Monochorme power saving mode makes the watch amazing, it boosts battery life into the week’s range.The display on the watch is Andriod wear.

Possibly the most exclusive features are round dual-layer display. It has both colour and monochrome screen.

Apps and Android Wear 2.0

Another great thing with the smartwatch is the particular tracking and assistance apps which will give a great experience at biking, fishing, and hiking.casio has also introduced two new features called “Location Memory” and “Moment Setter”

1.Location Memory it gives you a one-button location read-out, and if u press it twice it will mark your location.You can add notes to these tagged spots as well through speech recognition on the smartwatch.

2.Moment Setter this feature is simply amazing. It grants you to pre-program notifications, the display of the watch will light up counting on the sunset times or remaining distance left to climb.

Further, Google Assistant coming to AndroidWear.

Andriod wear 2.0 on casio's WSD-F20

This smartwatch is not built for everyone, maybe that is the thing.It’s a rugged smartwatch, and it must have been popular enough for Casio to make a sequel.This smartwatch is totally made for the people who love to being outdoors and love adventure.However, Casio has made the watch impressive and eye catching.

Possibly the watch will be released on 21st of April surely with Android Wear 2.0 pre-installed.

And a very good news for WSD-F10 it will be upgradeable to Android Wear 2.0 probably at the easter time (March and April).


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