5 thing you should never Google

5 Things You Should Never Google


5 thing you should never Google:

Here are the list of 5 thing you should never Google

1.The Death Clock

5 thing you should never Google

At first in our list of  5 thing you should never Google is Death Clock If You  are interested in knowing at what time you will Die Death clock will help you, although no one in world wanna  know the time of there death, I suggest you guys don’t Google this Website it will freak you out.

So what  you have to do you have type in your date of birth, your height, weight and do you smoke or non smoker and after doing this it will you to discover the exact date the internet believes you are going to Die.

You don’t have to live in fear because there have been over two death that matched up with list.According to the clock i will die in 2071 June 2, Tuesday.

2.Animal Slaughter Houses.

Surely you can tell by the name this one not fine thing to Google and i would strongly advise against it.Seeing as it’s just pictures of animals being tortured and decapitated and you know explains the steps of how this happen and believe me it’s a pretty heartbreaking  process.

However if you’re someone who wants to become a vegetarian and you need the extra punch to convince yourself  to  do it then maybe you should Google this because after seeing this pictures  and learning about it  you are not gonna want to eat meat for quite a while.

3.One Guy  One jar:

One man one jar is the most craziest thing i have ever seen  in the world of internet.I’m sorry i can’t show you guys the video cause it’s gross and i don’t wanna spoil your day.In this video titled One guy one jar Alexey from the Ukraine gives himself a prostate exam by forcefully shoving a glass jar into his behind as soon as glass jar in firmly inside the man the glass shattered causing a seen that would best be left unsubscribed.

5 thing you should never Google

If you really wanna know what pain is then you should Google it One man one jar.but after that your not going to feel right.

4.Skill Road

5 thing you should never Google

Skill Road is a part of dark web. Skill Road is just like Amazon or eBay, But the difference is skill Road sell Drugs and cocaine online and it’s totally  illegal.

Don’t ever google it , however you just can’t find it on Google if you ‘re using browser like chrome or Firefox but people use browser like TOR (the onion route) that keeps you Anonymous and hide your IP address + exact location , then only one can access this site.

5.Pain Olympics

The Pain Olympics is an online competition where contestants from all over the world send in videos   showing them mutilating themselves.The videos are judge by a per-selected group of judges that consist pf previous living contestants proven fetishes it is ensure what exactly the final contestant  receives if he wins hopefully not an Oscar.

5 thing you should never Google

The first pain Olympics was inspired in 2001  when a group in Toronto Ontario held a milder pain Olympics of their own that included drinking hot sauce, head pulling and seeing how much weight one can carry on a suspension.After couple of year pain Olympics gone out of control until it had involved  permanent physical harm.


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