Top 5 Laptops 2017 | Best Ultrabooks of 2017

Top 5 Laptops 2017 | Best Ultrabooks of 2017

The very best ultrabooks you can buy right now.If you are planning to buy a Ultrabook we will suggest you to first go through this blog cause it will help you to find the best one .Top 5 Laptops 2017 | Best Ultrabooks of 2017

Acer Swift 7

Top 5 Laptops 2017 | Best Ultrabooks of 2017

At the number 5 we’ve Acer Swift 7 which is really thin and light laptop that only comes with couples of trade offs.This supports a qualified processor from intel 7th generation wise this days lineup so it’s definetly not  the most powerful laptop but it featurea beautiful design and it has the really excellent feel.

As far as the graphic go it’s got the intel HD graphic 16 and it comes with a 8 gigabytes of RAM which isn’t really  for the entry level.The only other downside for this laptop is the battery life it only get about 5 to 6 hours of battery on average, but again when you compare how small this laptop over the years it’s definitely understandable the Acer wasn’t able to get a bigger battery inside.4..HP Specter

4.HP Spectre

Top 5 Laptops 2017 | Best Ultrabooks of 2017

HP Spectre which actually is more powerful then the latest Macbook and it retails for a lower price.Hp Spectre is the thinest laptop come and with a optional Intel Core i7 configuration to the Trio of USB ports.It’s really pretty and capable and not to mention future proof even if you only get it with the 1080p screen it render deeper black and brighter colors the most and if there ever such thing as a macbook killer it would definitely be called the HP Spectre.

3. Razer Blade Stealth

But when it comes to thin light and powerful laptops how can we forget the Razor blade style now when you think of Razor you probably will immediately think of gaming and while case can be made for the razor blade stealth is a gaming notebook the lack of a discrete GPUs chest otherwise but when you pair this laptop with a razor core external graphics card so the plain style goes from powerful to unparalleled on the upside even without it this laptop is capable of much more than meets the eye this has got in self-awareness table eight CPU architecture so it’s not only more powerful than its predecessor but it’s also more resilient.

The battery lasts an overall  5 hours and 44 minutes and it’s a good thing too because the PowerBook required to charge the razor blade itself is pretty big Kevin Lester the razor blade stealth really colorful display and greatly improved battery life definitely make it worth its price because you could do a lot worse for around $1,000.

 2.DELL XPS 13 2_in_1
The second place Ultrabook on this list which in my opinion is the Dell XPS 13 2 in 1.look the Dell XPS 13 was already a really incredible laptop and taking the laptop adding a 360 degree hinge making it thinner and lighter while keeping the entry price just under the $1,000 mark it’s really a pretty impressive fee. one of the most impressive things about the original Dell XPS 13 was the fact the display stretched from one end of the lid to the other but now as other laptop makers are beginning to catch up to Dell in terms of performance.

The Dell XPS 13 is upping the ante yet again by making it a true hybrid device this is probably more like

 a full-time laptop in a part-time tablet but all the same but it’s really cool that you do have the option to turn this into like a really big touchscreen PC despite a few trade offs and ports and processing power this Swimmer a hybrid version of the XPS 13 it’s really an excellent choice for you to consider in 2017.
1.Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface look the original surface book said the bar is one of the world’s to as powerful and finish Windows 10 Pc’s as well as just being a really excellent laptop and that’s all thanks to its ability to swap between being a really terrific notebook and a tablet the updated model of the surface bookescapes me even further though with an updated battery life and incredible Pixel Sense display and then also an improved fat line with all the power of an intel skylake processor and industryin the via GPU this machine out results every other ultrabook today.


The only user might slightly annoying is heavier and bigger than other most 13 inch laptop thanks to it’s 3:2 aspect ratio and 13.5 inch screen but again these can be more positive side when you consider it’s really good for web browsing and it allows for a really seamless tablet separation



3 best Android Apps for hacking | Apps for hacking

3 best Android Apps for hacking | Apps for hacking

1.Drive Driod.

3 best Android Apps for hacking | Apps for hacking

Just suppose One of your friend has changed your computer password and leaves, And you urgently need to extract some files from the computer Or let say, your computer crashed and you need to email important documents to your friend.

Now, usually if you want to bot to  computer with live Cd or something, But it will take some time and most of people doesn’t want to waste their time.Well then there’s DriveDriod comes to rescue you .

This small root app, can work as a live USB.All you need to do is Download a small Linux distro like- slitaz and mount it.Now connect your android with computer by help of a USB and then boot it and there you go.Overall it’s take 5 min to do everything  and after that you can boot into any computer from just Android.

WIFI Password Recovery

3 best Android Apps for hacking | Apps for hacking

WiFi is a simple app that can extract your wifi password of save network.Unlike Windows and Mac Where you can directly see your saved wifi  password, Android hides all the wifi password in the system files which you can accesses only if you have root accesses and app like wifi password recovery will help you with that.


3 best Android Apps for hacking | Apps for hacking

Say you want to someone a secret message via public channel like Gmail or WhatsApp or the other way, I want to write all my important  banking password in a plain paper as backup, Now there is no way , We can use  English for these sensitive data.Right and, Cryptography is the solution here.

What it does is when you’ll enter your a plain text, it’ll automatically generate a cypertext  which is long string of sentences that doesn’t make sense to anyone and now you can  send to anyone via any social platform or write down on a paper for backups.To decode it tell the other party to use same decryption Algo that you used for encryption.

10 things you should definitely know before 30

10 things you should definitely know before 30

We’ve made a list of 10 life changing thing you must know before 30.So let’s get started with our 1st thing life is not about you in our article of 10 things you should definitely know before 30.

1.Life is not about you

Life is not about you.That Facebook status is not about  you is a general statement.Bad thing don’t happen to you they just happen.No one is secretly trying to make you miserable.You are not the center of everyone’s universe just your own .

Stop thinking about yourself and think about other  as well  help them put their needs before yours and be generous.That doesn’t mean you should always take care of others before you take care of yourself balance them both and you’ll have a goo life.



10 things you should definitely know before 30

No, they are not gonna kill you in your sleep but the risk of spending way more money you have and getting in a lot of debt are high.Credit cards are not the free money they just hold the money that will pay your rent, your bills, your necessities and just after that you can buy that dress you’ve seen in your favorite shop.

When you enroll collage they probably offered you a great deal to get a credit card that allow you to spend however much you  want having the possibility of paying it back but how about the interest rate exactly if you can’ t stop spending money from the credit card then take out some cash and treat it like that’s all you have got that’ll keep you away from carelessly  spending the money that actually you don’t have.


10 things you should definitely know before 30

By now we hope to understand that reading and hard work are probably the two biggest  differentiators of success.May be the internet is still attractive, the TV is full of relaxation and video games can be fun as well.But when it’s comes to really doing something for your self reading is all you’ve got.Books will help you gain knowledge will in rich your vocabulary  will stimulate your brain and at end of the day you will  feel relaxed and no magazines don’t count them.Warren baffett to this day still read 600 to 1000 pages every day.

4.Travel More

10 things you should definitely know before 30

you’re young you’re free.You might have kids, you probably have a stable job and it’s the prefect time to travel you won’t get a chance after that job will get more stressful, you will want to have your own family and kids and trust me you won’t have the time or energy to travel pack your things and go on a trip it doesn’t matter where it might be camping it might be a luxurious island or in  middle of on where just go and enjoy.


10 things you should definitely know before 30

Time means money and wasted time means a lot less money.Start saving money from the moment you are able to pay your  rent fully and have something left.Don’t spend it all in clothes and partying think about your future as you go older you will probably have bigger spending’s you’ll want to go on that trip we talked about earlier you want to get married and start a family.But the question is with what all that required’s money and you won’t be able to earn it or save it in couples of  month.Each month put something aside and don’t ever touch it consider it’s not their or give someone you  trust to take care of it i you don’t trust your self.Whatever you do please please save some money.


10 things you should definitely know before 30

One of the 10 thing that you need to know by 30 is that your body will not get better that is if you don’t anything about it.What’s happen is it slow with age certain thing  what your body will  get bigger and probably will get lower.You will know what I’m talking about, so help your body be in it’s best shape instead of changing your life style cut down the fast foods drinking more water and exercise, cook better to feel better.

I bet you’ve seen all the good looking celebs that even after they give birth they look amazing.Remember age is just a number you can look better in your 30s than you did in your 20s.


10 things you should definitely know before 30

It might seem a silly thing to say but most of us don’t realize that we should be proud and happy with who we are.Stop trying to impress everyone and stop comparing yourself to others if they don’t like you maybe you re better off without them.I’m not saying act like you are the best in the world to do whatever you want and get them everyone’s nerves now that is plain stupid so be realistic.

If you look at things and care about other’s as well then you should be happy with yourself of course  not everyone will like you cause that just life.Stop obsessing by the colleagues that you think he or she hates you, they’re probably to busy thinking about themselves and their problems that’s why they didn’t say HI to you the other day on the street be proud of who you are and don’t change yourself to meet the other people expectations be silly laugh have fun and enjoy life.


10 things you should definitely know before 30

Refusing the tempting offer to drinking and partying with your best friends and favored to spend some time with your loved ones does not make you a bad friend.Saying no when your boss asks you to stay overtime again and do some extra work will not make you a bad employee .Learning  how to prioritize is one of the best things you can do to yourself  and don’t feel guilty about it.It’s your life not anyone Else’s.

Choose love, health and family before anything else that’s what counts at the ends of the day.Please remember if you are saying yes to something you actually say no everything else you could’ve done in that time.


10 things you should definitely know before 30

Even if you’re not so close that you are in collage or school, even you’ve not seen each other for a year make time to call them to meet them to talk to them.Close friends are like a second family and they should count more than money or career OF course don’t give away your jobs to be able to go  partying all night that’s not friendship is  about  you probably know that.

When things get harder friends and family will be the ones always there for you no matter what.You need these type of support mechanism if things ever go wrong.Cherish them have fun with them as long you’re blessed to have them around


Thing do not bring real happiness a short term illusion that looks like it.

11 Things You Didn’t Know About India

11 Things You Didn’t Know About India

Today we’re looking at incredible fact you don’t know about the seventh largest country in the world India.With a population of over a billion people India is one of the most influential and powerful country in the world.It’s cultural history is particularly complex and details spanning 4,500 years of  predominantly Hindu philosophy and theology.We couldn’t wait to bring you  11 Things You Didn’t Know About India.


11 Things You Didn't Know About India

Bollywood highest grossing film made 27 times more than Hollywood’s highest grossing film.For every 600 film Hollywood produces Bollywood make 1000. They’re the most profitable films too- when you compare the numbers.Hollywood Highest grossing film was 2009’s Avatar which made 2.8 billion dollars at Box office  in stark contrast The Bollywood film 3 idiots brought in nearly 4 billions now that’s profit.


11 Things You Didn't Know About India

Shampoo was invented in the 16th century.India derived from the Sanskrit shampoo which means  massage.The concept of shampooing was invented in India in the 16th century herbs and natural ingredients were used then rather than today’s combination modern chemical and fragrances.Visitor came to India they brought the practice of shampooing and hair washing back with them to Europe.

3.Ancient Indian Civilization

Ancient Indian Civilization is the oldest in the world.We often look to  Ancient Greece and Egypt, but Indian civilization dates back 2,400 B.C.When it was split  into 16 monarchies known as the maharajas there are even authenticated human remains that date back to 30,000 in South Asia the oldest Hindu texts were written between 2,000 and 500 BC as well as the first world on science, medicine and astronomy we actually owe the number 0 to Indian mathematics who created the concept.

4. Religion

11 Things You Didn't Know About India

Indian is home to every major world religion and doesn’t have a national language.Hinduism, Christianity,  Buddhism Islam and Sikhism all have a place in Indian society with the most dominant being Hinduism and Islam covering  80% and 14% of the population receptively Judaism has existed in India for the last 2 thousand 2 hundred and 15 years (2215 ) and some of these smaller religion also featured including James Zoroastrian and Bahai.

India also doesn’t have single national language because 1652 dialects are spoken across the different region.



Diamonds were first mined in India and it was the world’s  greatest producer.India was the most productive diamond mining country in the world until diamonds were found in Brazil in the 18th century.

There now three active diamond mines in India and the famous Kohinoor was found in the 13th century.The 793 carat stone went from person to person and was eventually acquired by Queen Victoria during the Britishraj

6.Kumbh Mela.

11 Things You Didn't Know About India

The largest religious gathering in India can be seen from space.Kumbh Mela is a Hindu pilgrimage which takes people to the bank of the Ganges every 12 year.The major event involves ritualistic bathing, devotional singing and feeding the poor.The attendance figure had to be capped at 75 million making it the largest pilgrimage on earth.

7.Indian Inventions

11 Things You Didn't Know About India

Indian invented navigation, Yoga, World cheapest car and thorium-based nuclear power Indian society can take some credit for the most important inventions in the world they were the first to create the concept of navigation over 6 year ago using rivers and seas.Yoga was created 5000 year ago and has root in Hinduism Buddhism and Jainism.The world’s cheapest car Tata Nano which cost around 1,00,000 Rupees the equivalent of $1,400 and India is a home of the first next generation thorium reactor.The country is aiming to produce 30% of it’s electrical power with thorium.


11 Things You Didn't Know About India

King JAI SINGH of Alwar snubbed Rolls Royce in the best possible ways.India has a long and colourful history of quirky monarchies and extravagant kings and queens.The King of Alwar in northeast India  was  insulted by rolls-royce salesman when he visited a showroom in London.A very proud man he ordered a whole fleet of rolls-royce cars and gave them to the cities a waste department so they could use them to transport rubbish through out the cities.

9.One Million , Millionaires in India

11 Things You Didn't Know About India

I millions Indian are Millionaires.India  has one of the most dramatic wealth gaps in the world with 35% of the country living below the poverty line.Those who live way above it live a different kind of life.Richest man in Indian Mukesh Ambani  has net worth of 53 Billion dollars the 59 year old made  his money int he oil and gas industry.

10.1st Account of plastic surgery was found in an Ancient Sanskrit text.

Yes, The first Account of plastic surgery was found in an Ancient Sanskrit text.One of the first medical texts was the Sushruta Samhita which can be dated back to the 6th century CE II.It’s one of the very first example of medical and discussing surgery incisions skin grafts and nose reconstruction.

Britain’s first nose job wouldn’t be performed until 1814 whirring 80 years before the Sushruta Samhita would be translated.

11.Indian Royal Residence

11 Things You Didn't Know About India

You can stay at the Indian former royal  residence for $88,000  a night.If you want to stay at the lap of luxury forget Paris and forget Dubai.India is the  home o the most stunning palaces in the world.Once’s the home o the Maharaja’s are opulent palaces throughout the country with some dating back hundreds of years.

the kumarakom Lake Resort hosted Prince Charles’s 65th birthday and the 450 year-old samode palace in jaipur has hosted famous faces from all over the.



Top Ten Forex traders in the world

Top Ten Forex traders in the world

In trading their are many trader but some trader are great like you’ll see later (below) in this article on Top Ten Forex traders in the world.If you are trader then i suggest you to continue reading cause this blog will show you some great Trader of all time and definitely after reading this article you’ll be motivated and positive.

10. Stanley Druckenmiller

Born on July 14, 1953 in Pittsburgh. Stanley Druckenmiller is the founder of the Duquesne management firm.He is well know to be the man who worked with George Soros on the delimit, than 1 billion Dollars in just one day dedicating his time to his own company.His successful portfolio of investment  allow him to score a present  Net worth of 4.4 Billion Us dollars

9. Paul Tudor Jones II

Born on September 28, 1954 in Memphis. Paul Tudor Jones is an American businessman and founder of Tudor Investment Corporation.

One of the most brilliant achievement of his career is with no doubt The predication of Black Monday which occurred on October 19, 1987.Trade made as a result of this event allowed him to triple his profits building up through time his current present  Net worth  of 4.7 billion dollars.

8.Edward lampert

Born on July 19, 1962 In New York.Edward Lampert is a well-known American Businessman in the realm of Wall Street.His success story really gets to turning points in the year 2004 during which he made 1 billion dollars of profit through trades.

Becoming the first trader to ever do selling  wall street in just a year.Such achievement was repeated in the  year 2006 with nearly 1.5 billion of income previously at a high record of 4 billion in 2008 his present net worth is estimated at 2.5 Billion Dollars.

7.Kenneth Griffin

Born on October 15, 1968 in Daytona Beach Florida.Kenneth Griffin is the founder and CEO of Citadel a Globel Investment firm.He started his career with a 70% return on 1 million dollar capital provided by Frank Meyer founder of Glenwood capital LLC.He founded his business in 1990 he just had nearly 5 million dollars by that time his successful trading skill allowed him to secure significant profit making the astonishing profit of  1.4 billion dollars just in a year (2014), his present Net worth is 7 Billion dollars.

6.David Tepper

David Tepper was born on 11th September 1957 in Pittsburgh.Presently a head fund  manager.He is the man behind the foundation of Appaloosa management.He is genius When it’s come to investing.He successfully managed  to score several trades he secured huge profits in 2009 by purchasing distressed companies stocks profiting later on the same year from  the recover, thus making 4 billion dollars o personal wealth that year alone.Today  he is worth 10.4 billion dollars.

5.John Alfred Paulson

Hedge fund manager by profession John Alfred was born on December 15, 1955 in Queens, New York.He is the founder of Paul son & CO.An investment company he founded in 1994 with a two millions dollars of capital.After working for several firms he rose to fame among investors when he distinguished himself by making 4 Billion dollars in 2007.This milestone was followed by another record o five billion dollars made in the year 2010 today he has a  worth of 11.4 billion dollars.

4.Stephen Cohen

Stephen Cohen was born on June 11, 1956 in New York.He started as a junior trader at Gruntal & co making $8000 on his first day  of work.He would then have successful career with them leading to the foundation of his own investment firm SAC capital advisor.Over his year of successful  trading he is skillful established of himself building a solid reputation around his investment firms.Today his business manages funds reaching nearly 14 billion dollars in equity .Father of six children his present Net worth ia estimated is 12 billion dollars.

3.Ray Dalio

 Ray Dalio was born on August 8th 1949 in Queens, New York starting his career right on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange he moved from one firm to the other gaining relevant experience in
Wall Street experience.He intended to use after creating Bridgewater associates in 1975 here is what you need to know about his investment firm.It is the largest investment corporation in the world in terms of volume of funds managed with nearly 160 billion dollars as of 2014 highly contributing to his present net worth of 15.3 billion dollars.

2.Carl Sealy

Carl Sealy an icon was born on February 16th 1936 in Queens yes again in New York .He began his career in 1961 as a stockbroker within just seven years he was able to found his own firm icon & Co in 1968 in opposition to others making billions in a single year he focused more on the acquisition of
top businesses making profit out of their stock values over time among many of his acquisitions you can count shares in Motorola take-two interactive the gaming studio be EA systems and so on his present net worth is estimated at 20.3billion dollars

1.George Soros: Top Ten Forex traders in the world

born on August 12th 1930 in Budapest Hungary. George Soros is the only man in his top list born outside of America he moved to England in 1947 to further he studies at the London School of Economics managing to be hired he made his way through many firms before founding his very own the Soros Fund
management he rose to extreme thing when he scored an astonishing profit of 1 billion dollars in a single day during the Black Wednesday on September 16 1992 such achievement granted and the famous
title the man who broke the Bank of England in the world of economics among the top 30 richest people on earth his present fortune is estimated at twenty four point five billion dollars.
Being a stockbroker surely can be a lucrative profession as it can offer tremendous profits nevertheless it would be wise to not forget the risk involved in the process as many of these traders if not ll mentioned in this top list have surely faced major losses still managing to always recover undoubtedly those who
are disciplined and committed to winning strategies being well mented stand better chances of succeeding in this arena in comparison to those acting on their own without an adequate training.